Margaret is a personal and corporate coaching consultant who offers online consultations worldwide. She specializes in revealing and replacing the limiting beliefs and subconscious narratives that dictate and shape her clients' behavior. She guides people towards desired life changes, financial independence and a freedom-based lifestyle in the beautiful country of Mexico.
Margaret's extensive knowledge and experience in the area of human behaviour and subconscious mind mechanics enabled her to architect her own life around what she wanted and always dreamed of. She upgraded her life to accommodate living her higher potential and has coached many families and individuals through complete life makeovers.
Margaret’s experience as a project manager and business transformation consultant for multi-billion dollar corporations enables her to guide her clients in organizing swift career changes and relocations to Mexico, where she resides.
She continually develops effective tools for her clients in 3 areas: life makeover, financial independence & online business creation, and Mexico relocations.
Margaret’s mission is to support people who yearn to break free from unfulfilling patterns and wish to live their lives exactly as they want it.

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Warsaw School of Economics - Masters Program
Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh UK - MBA Program
SAIT Canada - Professional Accounting Designation Program
Biodynamic Osteopathy Certification (2-year program)
Self-Sabotage Coaching - Christoff Method Program
In-person embodiment courses by: Caroline Myss, Norm Shealy, Philip Shepherd, Charles Ridley, Openhand Facilitation